"Jumping Blacks and Woodies" - SOLD

I've been on hundreds of "Jump Shoots" over the many years.  Usually as the paddler.  It is a unique way to hunt waterfowl and is a very different experience than sitting in a blind and waiting for them to come to you.  "Jumping Blacks and Woodies" is an original oil painting on board and is a depiction of what one might see and feel on a Virginia jump shoot.  A loud quack from a startled hen followed by the rush of powerful wings as they break in all directions.  It takes a cool demeanor to calmly pick out a target, press the gun to your shoulder and squeeze, all in about 2.5 seconds!  After that, they're gone!  This piece is 12 x 16, framed in an antique gold, and is available for $1,500.  Currently hanging at Crossroads Art Center.

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