About Crittenden Studio

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Crittenden Studio is now represented by Pixels.com!  Many of Guy's paintings and prints are now available printed on various merchandise at Fine Art America.  From canvas to metal, tote bags to coffee mugs, you can now choose your favorite paintings and turn them into beautifully crafted collectibles and gift items.  If you own one of Guy's original paintings and want to custom create other items with that image, you can do it easily by signing on to Fine Art America, search for your painting, and start creating.  Not all paintings are available for this program, but if you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share, please contact us  directly.

 Located in Richmond, Virginia, Crittenden Studio was launched in 1994 by artist and professional photographer Guy Crittenden.  To visit Guy's commercial photography website, go to CrittendenPhoto.com.  Crittenden Studio Store is the exclusive home for Guy's original paintings, giclee reproductions and his fine art photography.  Guy also represents other artists and photographers through this online gallery, and has more than 20 years of experience as a printer of fine art reproductions.  The in-house printing capabilities are state-of-the-art, and he personally oversees every critical step in the reproduction process.  The results speak for themselves.  The quality of the reproductions are so true, that even trained eyes have difficulty distinguishing the original from the printed piece.  

About The Artist

Guy began drawing and painting at a very early age, and exhibited in his first art show at age 13.  Growing up in the rural county of Gloucester, Virginia on the Chesapeake Bay, he found his passion in the natural wonders of the world around him.  Hunting, fishing and crabbing were just a way of life for the young man who was a self-described "river rat".  His connection to wildlife began almost as soon as he could walk as a child.  When he was 5 years old, his grandfather would wake him an hour before sunrise to go fishing in secret spots on the Ware River. As Guy grew older, he embraced his curiosity of nature.  With an academic approach to his observations, he began to draw and paint the world to which he was so connected.  An osprey with a fish in his talons.  A blue heron taking flight.  A Canvasback duck preening on the water.  Today, his work still grounded in the influence of those early years, Guy prefers to work in oils and his subjects are best described as Landscapes, Wildlife and Sporting scenes.  He is a seven-time winner of the Virginia Duck Stamp. He has won duck stamp competitions in 12 other states as well.  Guy is a signature member of the Outdoor Painters Society and works mainly on commissions and large originals for private and corporate clients.

Annual Exhibitions

February - The Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition - Charleston, SC

February - The Richmond Ducks Unlimited Dinner

March - The Rappahannock River Waterfowl Show - White Stone, VA

April - The Annual One Shot Turkey Hunt

August - Virginia Outdoor Sportsmans Show - Richmond, VA

October - Green Top Outdoor Expo

November - The Western Henrico Ducks Unlimted Auction

November - Annual Crossroads Holiday Art Show




Awards in State and Federal Duck Stamp Competitions

1999 Federal Duck Stamp - 5th Place

2002 Federal Duck Stamp - Top 20

2005 Virginia Duck Stamp Winner

2007 Virginia Duck Stamp Winner

2009 Federal Duck Stamp - Top 20

2010 Virginia Duck Stamp Winner

2011 Federal Duck Stamp - Top 15 - Traveling Exhibition

2013 Federal Duck Stamp - Top 15 - Traveling Exhibition

This entry received the third highest score in the competition, and Guy's highest score ever in the Federal contest.  21 out of 25 possible points.

2014 Virginia Duck Stamp - Winner

2014 Connecticut Duck Stamp - Winner

2015 Michigan Duck Stamp - Winner

2015 Oklahoma Duck Stamp - Winner

2015 Louisiana Duck Stamp - Winner

 2015 North Carolina Duck Stamp - Winner

2015 Virginia Duck Stamp - Winner

2016 Colorado Duck Stamp Winner

2016 California Duck Stamp Winner

2017 Michigan Duck Stamp Winner

2017 Nevada Duck Stamp Winner

2017 Virginia Duck Stamp Winner

2019 Louisiana Duck Stamp Winner

2019 Oregon Duck Stamp Winner

2019 Virginia Duck Stamp Winner

2019 Delaware Duck Stamp Winner 

2019 Federal Duck Stamp Top 10 Finalist

2020 Federal Duck Stamp Top 10 Finalist

New!  2021 Oregon Duck Stamp Winner