"Backwater Mallards" - St. Christopher's Special Edition Print

Giclee Print on Paper or Canvas

This print is reproduced from the original oil painting done exclusively for St. Christopher's School Ducks Unlimited Chapter and sold at auction in 2014.  This is truly "one of a kind" by the Richmond artist Guy Crittenden.  While painting this piece, Guy was intrigued by the camouflage of the background setting and thought it would be interesting to "hide" St. Christopher's logos, called Fleur de lis, in the background elements.  The result is a waterfowl painting, which at first glance, appears totally realistic.  But if you look closely, you will find 12 Fleur De Lis logos hidden around the painting.  Mr. Crittenden is now making this print available to the public on either paper or canvas.  For a guide on where to find the hidden logos, click on the second image to reveal the clues. The second image only reveals 6 of the 12 hidden logos.  You have to find the rest.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this print will go directly to St. Christopher's Ducks Unlimited.  Buy one for every Saint on your list!   This would make a wonderful, and meaningful birthday, Christmas or Graduation gift for the hunter in your family!

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