2019 Louisiana Duck Stamp Print

Collectors Edition (10,500 prints) - $150

Artist Proof Edition (300 prints) - $300

Medallion Edition (2500 prints) - $350

Excecutive Color Remarque Edition (450 prints) - $450

Indicate your series print number at checkout under special instructions

All Editions include a Resident and Non-Resident Stamp

Artist will sign stamps at your request for no charge

Set of 2 signed Stamps - One Resident and One Non-Resident - $40


"Spoonies Over Coastal Marsh" is Guy Crittenden's second winning Duck Stamp in Louisiana.  "In this painting, I wanted to feature the distinctive feathering of the Shoveler drake against a background that repeated some of the colors in this species.  Greens, golds and rusty reds.   Mr. Crittenden's entry was a unanimous selection by a panel of five judges and will become the 2019-20 Louisiana Waterfowl Stamp.  Prints are available from Crittenden Studio as of June 1st, 2019.  To make your reservation for your print with official stamp, call Crittenden Studio.  If you want to reserve certain series numbers in the print editions, you can call or e-mail us now.  We make every effort to accommodate collectors that have been collecting certain numbers over the years.

To view a Youtube video of highlights of the 2019 Louisiana Duck Stamp Contest, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yUHUhvERy8


About the Print - Crittenden Studio will produce this print using archival papers and inks and Mr. Crittenden will personally oversee the printing of each and every print to ensure the highest quality and color fidelity.  The process used is the latest and most permanent printing solution available on the print market today.  This ensures lasting value in a print series that will stand the test of time.

Every print is carefully shipped with a certificate of authenticity, bio on Mr. Crittenden, and a Resident and Non-resident 2019 Louisiana Duck Stamp.  Extra stamps can be purchased as well.

Galleries and Dealers -  We work with hundreds of galleries around the U.S.   We have a Dealer Package that we can send to you if you did not get one from us in June.  Please call our number or email us to request a Dealer Package.  In the package you will get color flyers, a welcome letter and a dealer price list for all editions of the Louisiana Print.  You can also conveniently pay by credit card or send a check, cashier's check or money order.

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