About the Giclee Process

Crittenden Studio is now represented by Fine Art America!  Many of Guy's paintings and prints are now available printed on various merchandise at Fine Art America.  From canvas to metal, tote bags to coffee mugs, you can now choose your favorite paintings and turn them into beautifully crafted collectibles and gift items.  If you own one of Guy's original paintings and want to custom create other items with that image, you can do it easily by signing on to Fine Art America, search for your painting, and start creating.  Not all paintings are available for this program, but if you have any ideas or suggestions you would like to share, please contact us  directly.


A Giclee (pronounced Jee-clay) is a high quality, pigment process that was developed in the late 1990's.  The pigments are applied in microscopic dots to just about any substrate.  Crittenden Studio uses this process to reproduce original paintings that result in a high quality canvas or paper print that has the look and feel of the original painting.  The Giclee process can be used on canvas or high quality art papers, and all have a permanency and stability that will last 75 - 100 years without any noticeable fading.  All of the reproductions have a "limited" edition size.  Most edition sizes are under 200 prints, maintaining a high market value and increasing collectibility.