"Richmond Skyline" - The James River

The City Skyline of Richmond, Virginia is a striking architectural contrast to the tranquil flowing waters and trees of the James River just downstream of the Lee Bridge.  The history of Richmond dates to the early 17th century, and was crucial to the development of the colony of Virginia, the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  After Reconstruction, Richmond's location at the falls of the James River helped it develop a diversified economy and become a water and land transportation hub.

This original oil painting by Virginia artist Guy Crittenden is now available in either an archival canvas and paper giclee print.  The warm colors of an early autumn afternoon and the glow of the distant buildings creates beautiful deep blue and gold reflections in the waters of the James.  Each print is signed and numbered in strictly limited editions, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

We believe in small edition sizes, and this print will be strictly limited to very small editions:

10" x 20" - Limited to 200 prints, canvas or paper.  $75 each

15" x 30" - Limited to 100 prints, canvas or paper.  $150 each

20" x 40" - Limited to 100 prints, canvas or paper.  $300 each

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